Print Prices

Hello all!  Thanks again for all who followed this blog.  It was such a fantastic project in so many ways and I was happy to connect with some of you through my art.

I held a 50th Birthday Party/Home Gallery Showing with a handful of my Boise friends and family.  Donations to the Art Without Boundaries Association were made in exchange for some of my originals for a total of $575!  I have such generous friends! Thank you!  That money will come back to the Boise community in the form of therapeutic art sessions for retirement and nursing home residents as well as for people of all ages with special needs.

Besides the donations, and despite the fact that each guest received a gift set of cards, I also sold many prints and sets of cards!  Thanks again!

For those of you out there interested in purchasing prints and/or cards, prices are below. All  prints (not the cards) are professional Giclee prints (printed on high quality, archival material with archival inks).  I print the cards on my home printer so they are not archival, but they turn out quite nice.

  • Cards – $1.50 each –  get multiples of a favorite, or mix and match for a mixed set
  • 4 x 4 – $10          
  • 5 x 7 – $12
  • 8 x 10 – $15
  • 11 x 14 – $20    

Each painting on the blog is marked on the left side of the caption with SOLD if the original has been sold.  I have also noted if there are prints available.  All can be printed as cards.

Please contact me if you have any questions or if you are interested in a purchase!






SOLD (no prints available)               ©2017, Mary P. Jussel     “Self Portrait at 50″     watercolor     8×10


Happy Birthday to me!

The self portrait was an intimidating challenge for me, but once I got started it was not so bad and I am actually fairly happy with the results.  I felt it was an appropriate painting to end this series.

For those of you interested in an original or a print of any of the paintings, please email me.  I know there are a few paintings in which multiple people have shown interest, so I am checking into pricing for some prints.  If I have your email address and I know you are interested, I will keep you posted.

Some of you have inquired if I will continue painting and posting after these 50.  I have enjoyed this so much that I may be back in the near future with more.  Thanks again for all of your interest and support.

– Mary


49 go50
SOLD    (limited prints 2/5 sold)              ©2017, Mary P. Jussel     “Studio Time”     watercolor     9×12

I have loved spending more time in my art studio this past year and want to thank any and all of you who have followed my blog, commented here, or by text, or email or in person.  You were more of an encouragement than you realize and it was a joy for me to connect with you all through my paintings.  I want to especially thank my husband for his support and encouragement and also for the art studio itself which was a gift from him twenty years ago!  Since then he has had fun giving me some fantastic gifts for decor and storage in the studio.  In this painting you can see several of those gifts.  There is the top portion of an old red tool box that looks cool and is a fantastic storage unit for tools and supplies that I use regularly in the studio, the metal bucket, and the fabulous retro electric clock on the wall.  Thank you, Craig for your love and support and for  every container, cubby, and lamp that currently adorns the studio.

I also want to thank two artists in particular.  The first is my good friend Gena who gave me a beautiful box of 21 watercolor brushes she received as a gift from her brother in the 1980s.  He bought the brushes in China the first year they opened their borders.  The country was not really prepared for the influx of tourists and there were no tourist gifts being produced, but locals were selling many of the family valuables that they had previously squirreled away to keep the government from destroying them!  Now they could make good money selling them to tourists! The box and brushes are depicted in this painting and I love that Gena used them for years herself and is getting joy out of the fact that they are getting used again.  Thanks Gena for so many years of friendship and for your support of my art.  The second artist I never actually met, but she was part of my inspiration for completing this challenge.  When she passed away her family, who are friends with my family were kind enough to pass on some of her art supplies to me.  She had many wonderful paint brushes (I love paint brushes) and several very nice art related books, some of which I have depicted in this painting.  I was touched by this unexpected gift and knew that I simply could not let her things sit idly in the studio.  I wanted to honor her love for painting by continuing it and I did not want to spend any more of my own life finding reasons not to paint.  So, thank you to Jo.

One more painting to go and two more days to do it!!!


SOLD    (limited prints 2/10 sold)           ©2017, Mary P. Jussel      “Empty Nest”      Watercolor      6×6

Craig and I will be empty nesters in the fall when Anna heads off to college.  Last week we had the opportunity to experience a full week trial-run!  It felt very strange, but we had fun with it and came to the conclusion that as much as we will miss having the girls in the house, we will somehow survive.

“Give the ones you love wings to fly, roots to come back and reasons to stay.”
—The Dalai Lama


SOLD    (no prints)                     ©2017, Mary P. Jussel             “Blue Blooms”           Watercolor      6×6″

Blue as in the color, not the mood!  It is all happiness in our yard with God’s glory showing up in every new spring bloom!


SOLD  (limited prints 5/10 sold)     ©2017 Mary P. Jussel    “Lighthouse Doorknob”   Watercolor 7X5


While we lived at Battery Point Lighthouse, Craig took some fantastic photos and I continue to use them for painting inspiration.  Below is his photo of this beautiful doorknob.